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How Your Competitors Can Improve Your Business! by Noel Murphy
How to Get More From Your Accountant by Seamus Parfrey
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Parfrey Murphy: Chartered Accountants
August 2012

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E-Newsletter August 2012Parfrey Murphy: Chartered Accountants
How to Get More From Your Accountant by Seamus Parfrey
by Seamus Parfrey

Many businesses are not maximising the returns they can get from their accountant.

Generally they only pay their accountant for providing compliance services to them which involves preparing the annual accounts and tax returns.


Advice and assistance that helps you to build a stronger or more profitable business is much more valuable a service than undertaking compliance work.


Annual accounts are a historical document as they tell you where your business has been and not where it should be. They are as useful as a newspaper from last year.


They do not tell you:

  • What your goals are;
  • The path you need to take to meet your goals;
  • What actions you need to take on the path;
  • Whether you are still on the right path or need to change; and
  • Whether you get to where you want to be at the time you have decided.


A strategic planning session can help you and your business become more productive and more profitable so that it reaches its full potential.


It will help you to develop a clear vision and purpose of where you want your business to be at some point in the future and a step by step road map of how to get there.


After a strategic planning session you will know:

  • What your goals are and the timeframe for achieving them;
  • What actions will be taken to achieve your goals;
  • How to monitor and measure how effective the actions have been;
  • When and how often the plan will be reviewed and changed.


Concentrating on improving your future financial prospects is far more beneficial than dwelling on past performance.


If you want advice on strategic planning please give me a call on 021 4310266.

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