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Creating Memorable Passwords
by Seamus Parfrey

The common password dilemma! How do you create a password that is both strong and memorable? The next time you need to create a new password, try these tips.

Firstly, do not use single numbers or words that people might guess. Examples of these would be your date of birth and your name.

Secondly, make it complex. Use numbers, letters (upper and lower case) and punctuation marks.

Finally, give yourself a way to remember it easily. Start with a phrase, sentence or numbers that you normally use and work around these.

For example

I am a practicing Chartered Accountant (iaaPCA) and my car registration number is 9363. Combining these together and having the first three letters lower case and the rest upper case with # to start and * to finish, we arrive at:


Hopefully, this method should give you peace of mind!

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