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Locum Doctors
The Power of Unconditional Service Guarantees
Revenue Clarify Calculation of Tax Deductible Pension Contributions for Doctors
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New Parfrey Murphy Website


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Locum Doctors

There has been a recent Appeal Commissioners’ decision regarding the employment status of locums.  This case dealt specifically with the “Out of Hours Service” – an initiative between the HSE and GPs to have locums available at night or at the weekend.  It was decided that these locums were in fact employees of the GPs and that the GPs had a contract of service with each locum. Buoyed by this, the Revenue have argued that in many cases locums contracted by GP practices are also employed in a contract of service, i.e. are employees of the practice. As a result, many locums are being taxed at emergency rates, particularly for very short-term engagements, as it is not possible to register them as employees in such a short space of time.

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The Power of Unconditional Service Guarantees
by Seamus Parfrey


In 1988 Harvard Business Review published an article by Professor C.W.L. Hart which explained why a service guarantee can help an organisation institutionalise superlative performance.

A guarantee is a powerful tool for businesses for marketing service quality and for achieving it for the following five reasons:

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Revenue Clarify Calculation of Tax Deductible Pension Contributions for Doctors
by Kieran Kennelly

The Revenue Commissioners’ Tax Briefings 74 and 79 set out guidance in relation to the application of the earnings limit (€150,000 from 2009) to income tax relief for pension contributions for those who have both employed earnings and self-employed profits and make contributions to both an occupational pension scheme and a personal pension plan.

The guidance indicated that where a taxpayer is contractually obliged to make a pension contribution to an occupational scheme and their earnings from the employment reach or exceed the limit of €150,000 then contributions into the personal pension plan will not qualify for tax relief.  The €150,000 earnings limit is already “used up” as it were.  The taxpayer may however have scope to make AVC’s to avail of full relief on the €150,000. 

Revenue have clarified in Tax Briefing 11 that Section 773 TCA 1997 treats doctor’s GMS income as “remuneration from an office or employment”. Therefore the operation of the aggregate earnings limit would apply to doctors with GMS and private practice income. Revenue have indicated certain transitional arrangements for doctors with GMS and private practice income.

Where a personal pension / PRSA contract was entered into before 7 September 2010 and the contribution was paid in 2009 or where it was paid before 7 September 2010 in respect of 2009 Revenue will not seek to apply the approach in Tax Briefing 11. 

Deadlines and Reminders
by Sinead Herlihy


Deadline - 14 October 2010

Return and payment of dividend withholding tax for September 2010.

Return and payment of professional services withholding tax for September 2010.

Return and payment of relevant contracts tax for September 2010.

Return and payment of PAYE / PRSI for September 2010.


Deadline - 21 October 2010

Corporation Tax

Preliminary corporation tax for accounting periods ending 30 November 2010.

First installment of preliminary corporation tax for accounting periods of large companies ending 30 April 2011.

Corporation tax returns for accounting periods ended 31 January 2010.

Balance of corporation tax due for accounting periods ended 31 January 2010.

Third party information returns for accounting periods ended 31 January 2010.

Where the above returns and payments are made electronically the return and payment deadlines are being extended to the 23rd day of the month.


Deadline – 31 October 2010

Income Tax

Filing of income tax return for 2009.

Payment of balance of income tax due for 2009

Payment of preliminary income tax for 2010.

Where taxpayers are registered for ROS and file their 2009 income tax return and pay the income tax liability through ROS, the deadline is extended to 16 November 2010.

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