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Success Story 2 – Raising Funds
by Seamus Parfrey

In early June, Peter Cox, an award winning photographer, of Peter Cox Photography – - started a project on – a crowd-funding website - to raise finance to enable him to publish his landscape photography book “The Irish Light – A Collection of Landscape Photographs”.

Peter’s proposal was to pre-finance a large format, hard-cover coffee table book with more than 80 images across 112 pages by raising $11,000.The fundraising project has a 30 day time limit and if full funding is not raised then no money changes hands.

Within two days Peter had raised the full $11,000 and to date he has raised in excess of $31,000 with a final deadline date of July 4.

This highly successful fundraising effort means that not only will the book be printed for sure but that it will be larger (128 pages versus the original 112 pages) with a larger print run of 3,000 copies.

You can see the stunning work that Peter produces and has for sale in his gallery in High Street, Killarney, Co. Kerry by visiting his website – .You can also support his project through his website if you so wish.

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