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Client Good News Story
Human+Kind Takes the Middle East by Storm

In this time of hardship and austerity it is uplifting to provide positive news from a client. Human+Kind a new Irish beauty brand founded by two Dutch men living in Cork for the past 10 years - Rene van Willigen and Jeroen Proos has just signed a significant distribution deal for the UAE and the wider region with retailers like Boots International among many others.  

Fuelled by a mission to challenge the global beauty Industry’s conditioning that women need multiple products, the idea for Human+Kind came about when Rene overheard his wife bemoaning the vast amount of beauty products in her bathroom cabinet and the lack of time to use them.

With no background in beauty, but a lifetime of experience as a serial entrepreneur, Rene embarked on creating a challenger beauty brand along with co-founder Jeroen Proos. The result Human+Kind is a brand manufactured and headquartered in Cork and based on the ethos that ‘less is more’ and it’s taking the global beauty industry by storm, resonating with time pressed women across the globe. 

Human+Kind is 100% Irish manufactured in Ireland and harnesses the restorative and rejuvenating properties of natural active ingredients to create a brand which promises “to change your life as much as it will change your skin”.  In less than six months Human + Kind’s highly innovative collection of natural skincare products has garnered widespread critical acclaim for their simple, superior natural and dependable beauty products.

Speaking at the launch of the brand in Middle East at a party hosted by Human+Kind in Dubai and attended by many of Ireland’s expats and Ambassador to UAE Ciaran Madden, Jeroen Proos, Co-founder of Human+Kind said:  

 “Over the decades the beauty industry turned the simple act of cleaning and protecting our skin into multi step, multi skin type, selling unnecessary products, just packaged differently for the same problem.  This approach no longer fits with women today who want a more pared down approach to beauty, especially during a recession. Human+Kind gives women a new simplicity around their beauty routine, without any compromise on results or quality of formulations.”

 Human+Kind represents a new ethos in skincare for multi-tasking woman all over the world – simple, natural, dependable products that multi-task as much as they do. We know that this breakthrough beauty concept transcends geographic and cultural boundaries and we are extremely excited that Boots, an acknowledged icon in global beauty retailing has become our strategic retail partner in UAE and beyond”.

Every best wishes to Rene and Jeroen with their new venture.

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