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Employers’ obligations under employment law
by Mary Blyth

All employers should be familiar with a number of basic provisions under Irish employment law.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure all your employees receive certain basic employment rights. Although some industries require employers to meet different requirements, the main obligations include:

  • A written statement of terms and conditions of employment.
  • A written statement of pay or ‘payslip’.
  • A minimum wage.
  • A maximum working week.
  • Unpaid breaks during working hours.
  • Annual leave from work.
  • A minimum amount of notice before termination of employment.
  • The maintenance of records in relation to your employees and their entitlements.


The establishment of certain policies and procedures, such as discipline and grievance and dignity at work (including bullying and harassment) policies, is considered necessary. While the establishment of others, such as data protection and absence policies, is considered best practice.

Please note that there are a range of other matters which must also be considered including tax and social welfare, employee pension schemes, equality, data protection and health and safety issues.

NERA Inspections

The National Employment Rights Authority (NERA) was established by the Government in February 2007.NERA aims to secure compliance with employment rights legislation and to foster a culture of compliance in Ireland through Information, Inspection, Enforcement, Prosecution and Protection of Young Persons.

NERA Inspectors have the following powers:

  • To enter any premises at a reasonable time.
  • To demand sight of records.
  • To inspect records.
  • To take copies of records.
  • To interview and require information from any relevant person.

If you need advice/ assistance with any of the above please contact Mary Blyth of this office.

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