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A Paperless Office -Myth or Reality?
by Seamus Parfrey

We have recently installed electronic data management systems (Virtual Cabinet) which basically are paperless systems that will make clients documentation and financial information more secure and improve efficiencies in our dealings with them.

We can provide a better client service which is driven by faster access to client data within the firm and through an online portal that allows documents to be shared and transferred.

We intend to use the client portal to forward information that:

  • Clients need to review and approve,
  • Clients may require to download from time to time including Income Tax Returns and related Tax Computations, PAYE returns, Annual Accounts.

To set clients up on the portal we will forward to them an email on how to register with Virtual Cabinet. They will be asked to provide brief personal details and a password which they alone will know.

The systems we have installed will help us to provide a better and faster service and allow clients access to critical information 24/7. This is part of our commitment to enhance our service capabilities whenever we can.

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