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Noel Murphy
10 Techniques to Increase Personal Productivity
by Noel Murphy

I recently came across an article by Brian Tracy where he outlined a series of techniques you can practice to increase your productivity and performance. These are as follows:

1. Concentrate your powers

Concentrate on areas which will yield the highest payoff to you now. Focusing on concentrating single-mindedly on the highest payoff task is the key to high productivity.

2. Do things you're better at

When you do things at which you excel, you get more done, make fewer mistakes and achieve greater personal productivity as well as job satisfaction. Focus your skills on those areas where you can achieve superior results. This is the key to peak performance.

3. Focus on opportunities

Concentrate your strengths on your major opportunities. Avoid the time wasting tyre kickers.

4. Fish for whales

Fish for whales rather than sprats as sometimes landing one big customer may be enough to make a business successful.

5. Focus on key result areas

Identify the key results you are expected to get and work on them so that you can make a significant contribution and achieve the highest results possible for you in the shortest period of time.

6. Set and keep deadlines

Set deadlines for major goals and keep to them. Deadlines force you to work harder and more effectively as the deadline approaches. Creating deadlines has a major motivational force so that you should set them for everything you do. Just think of the October 31 tax deadline as a motivational example.

7. Allow sufficient time

Allow enough time to do everything well. Build in a cushion for unexpected difficulties or delays so that you also have enough time to do the job right.

8. Maintain a steady pace

Highly productive people work with a certain rhythm that allows them to get through enormous amounts of work without becoming stressed or anxious.

9. Do one thing at a time

The hallmark behaviour of successful people is that they do one thing at a time. They do the most important thing in front of them and then stay with it until it is finished. They set priorities, goals and deadlines. Half the population think the other half can only do one thing at a time anyway!

10. Think about results

Results orientation which is the ability to get things done is a key quality of all peak performers. You can develop the ability to concentrate single-mindedly through practise and repetition over and over again until it becomes an ingrained habit with you.

Hopefully you might find the above techniques helpful. However implementation will not be easy but give it a try and persevere.

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